Photos at the Victoria Busker Festival

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I finally managed to get some time to take a few photographs.  This time I went with a small group to see the Busker Festival, around the inner harbour area of Victoria, BC.  It was almost the perfect day for it, as the weather was partially overcast, so it was not too hot and we didn’t get wet.  While the festival was going on, so was everything else that happens in Victoria, including traffic on the sea, land and air!

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Smoke on the Water… and in the Air

This spring and early summer has been hotter and drier than normal over most, if not all, of British Columbia.  In fact in many areas there have been watering restrictions and burning bans for several weeks now.  Unfortunately, with such dry conditions, the fire risk is at extreme and there are a number of active wildfires.  Although it is supposed to be a clear, sunny day again today, what it actually looks like is an overcast day as seen through those blue-blocker sunglasses that turn everything orange, due to the smoke drifting in from all the fires.  They are far enough that they don’t pose a danger to me, but they do cause concern.

smoke from wildfires covers the province

An Almost Erie Orange Haze Blankets the Area

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Canada Day with the Dogs!

It’s been a little longer than usual between posts, but I’m back with a quick one here on Canada Day.  Today was Canada’s 148th birthday and falling on a Wednesday, it nicely broke up the work week.  Instead of making big plans I took the day to relax and watch some of the celebrations across the country on TV (which is something that has only been turned on a handful of times since the beginning of the year).

After that, I took the dogs down to the ocean for a swim and to cool off in the 25C heat.

A Favourite Waterside Activity

A Favourite Waterside Activity

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