Further Developments

Last week I wrote about developing my first roll of 120 film.  This was kind of like crossing a bridge on the trail that is leading me from using a film camera again, to actually developing the film.  This week I had it scanned and now can see the results.

a small bridge on a road in the forest

A Bridge to Cross

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Something Unexpected 

There have been a couple of unexpected things happen lately. First, I became very busy with work and haven’t had time 😞 for photography or to write a new post. Things should go back to normal soon. The second, much more exciting thing is I found a camera that I hoped to get one day and was pleasantly surprised to find one. I am now the proud owner of a Hasselblad EL/M. More to come when I have chance to put it through the paces.

hasselblad on tripod

Ready For Action

view through the Hasselblad viewfinder

Looking Good