About WDP

Natural beauty surrounds us in our daily lives and often we take it for granted or are too busy to slow down and notice it.  I enjoy the way that photography can slow things down for us and allow us to see the wonders we are surrounded with.  With this site, I am hoping that I can bring that experience to others.  I chose the name “Wild Drake Photography” to give a sense of direction for this blog.  “Wild” plays on wildlife, the wild outdoors and off-the-wall wild images that may appear from time to time.  While “Drake” could easily refer to male ducks, that would make this a very specific blog and there is far too much that I would like to photograph and display to limit it to one subject.  “Drake” also could refer to dragons… but I don’t expect to find any in my travels, so this blog won’t be about them either.  And while I’m telling you what it does not refer to, I will include the Rap artist, as this is not a music blog. 😉  So what does the “Drake” in “Wild Drake Photography” refer to?  That’s my name!  

I feel it is important to follow a strong personal code of ethics for photographers.  While others may have a different idea of what this means, to me it comes down to respect.  Respect for the environment, by knowing and following the rules relating to natural areas and public attractions.  Staying on designated trails and paths, when possible, and following proper etiquette when there are no trails, including practicing ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. Moving to obtain a better composition, rather than breaking or pulling plants or other objects.  Respect for the wildlife by not remaining in the area if my presence is causing them stress.  Never baiting wildlife with food, sound or decoy and not attempting to influence their movement or behaviour.  I will not photograph captive animals, such as in a zoo, aquarium or aviary, with the exception of those that are in a non-profit facility, solely there as a rescue or for recovery.  I aim for authenticity by photographing plants and animals in their natural habitat engaging in normal behaviour.  Social respect during interactions with other people.  Treating them with respect and not taking advantage of them.  Obtaining permission for any photography of an identifiable person.  I will be aware of how my presence can interfere with others and attempt to limit any interference.  I will be courteous of other photographers and non-photographers enjoying an area or scene.  Respect for myself and other photographers by following my code of ethics and not taking risks which put myself or anyone else in danger. 

A Canadian Veteran Owned Business

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