Looks Like Autumn

The leaves have been changing all around… at least those that do change colour and fall off.  So it seemed like the perfect time to buy a new lens (okay, any excuse will do for that) and try it out.  While the middle of a forest is not necessarily the best place to try out a wide angle lens, it didn’t stop me from trying.  I hadn’t even made it home from the camera store with the lens, when I stopped for a few quick snap shots and managed to check out a new location (to me) where I know I will be returning to when I have more time.

TreesThe bright colours of the autumn leaves contrast with the reddish brown of the forest floor and the greens of the moss covered evergreens.  A walk through Goldstream Provincial Park is a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.  The sounds of the river flowing in the distance helps add to the peacefulness.


Looking up the trees look like they are competing to reach for the sky and you get the feeling of being just a small part of the world around you.


A few kilometres away Goldstream Provincial Park lies an old railway track.  Covered in grass it is still a lush green, between the rails and wood.  Follow them a little ways and you will be surrounded by colourful trees and leaves blowing in the wind.  It sure would be a great experience to take a slow, scenic ride along the rails in an old steam train… But that’s from a time past.  It’s been a long time since any train has run along this route.  For the first few shots with a great new lens, things turned out quite well.  I’m looking forward to seeing the full potential of the latest addition to my photo bag.

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