Idle Time

When I know I’m going to have some idle time I like to bring my camera with me.  Such was the case today, as I had my car in for servicing and knew I’d have several hours to spend around downtown Victoria.  There are so many things to see and photograph around the area it’s easy to spend hours wandering around taking photos.

Victoria City Hall

Victoria City Hall is one of the many old, majestic buildings in the city.  Walking around from site to site is so easy and there are plenty of shops to stop off at for a break along the way.

First Baptist Church on the front...
First Baptist Church on the front…
... Nelson's Music on the side.
… Nelson’s Music on the side.

It’s not all old brick buildings in the city, though.  There are plenty of other things to see… like old wooden buildings.

Turtle Hostel

Even without the beautiful old buildings, there are plenty of other things to do and see.  I love to stop and take time to have a great cup of coffee at one of the many coffee houses that I pass walking around downtown.  And of course, since I was wandering around over the lunch hour, I had to stop in at a nice bistro for a bite to eat and something to wash it down with.  🙂

There’s always a variety of people from every walk of life making their way about the city.  One of these days I will have to set aside some time to do some actual street photography…


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