Project Shoestring 

For my latest post, I thought I’d present my latest diversion. Normally, I post some sort of landscape photos and a short story about where I took them. Today is not normal. I have decided to start a project that I plan to build on from this one post and eventually create a separate image gallery for it. I am calling it Project Shoestring because that’s how they hang… a single shoe dangles by a lace from a power line

You seem to see shoes hanging from power lines (and oter things) all over the place. They come in all types and sizes.

three pairs of shoes hanging from a line Some are still on pretty good condition and other are long past their prime.

purple sneakers on a power wire  worn out runners hanging by the laces According to Wikepedia there are many possible explanations for Shoe Tossing but no one specific reason or meaning behind it. I don’t pretend to have an answer, I’m just creating the images.
multiple shoes caught up on power wires Now that my project is off on the right foot, I will return to landscape images in the next post and once I have a bunch more hanging shoe shots, I will add the gallery.

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