Rainy Days in Tofino

One of my favourite places to go to get away from the hectic pace of life is Tofino, BC.  It is a picturesque town about half way up the West coast of Vancouver Island and is exposed to the full force of the Pacific Ocean.  This makes for some great storms and the perfect place to wash away your worries.  Even when the rain is coming down its hardest, you’ll find someone out for a walk on the beach.

a couple with a colourful umbrella walk in a downpour on the beach
Perfect Weather for a Walk on the Beach

When the rain slowed down and the tide was out, little treasures could be found washed up on the beach.

a sand dollar on the beach with the mountains in the background
Best View on the Beach

Almost as if by design, around sunset, the clouds would lighten up and allow for some magnificent colours to show through.

people standing on the beach watching a spectacular sunset
Enjoying the Glow of the Setting Sun
Purples and oranges colour the sky and beach
A Final Light Show as the Sun Disappears

As always, the trip was too short… but there’s always next time!

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