My Film Scanning Success

In a recent post I mentioned that I would be getting a scanner specifically to scan film.   I ordered it online and it arrived a couple days later, which, happily, was much quicker than I had been anticipating. As soon as I set it up I put it through it’s paces on two rolls of film I recently developed. One in 6×9 format, from the Ensign, and the other 6×6′ from the Hasselblad.

On the Right Track
On the Right Track


I’m happy to say that the set up went well and the scanning process is fairly straightforward.  As anticipated, the biggest issue is making sure as much of the fine dust specks as possible are off the film before scanning.

Water on the Sooke River
Constant Flow

Now that I have the ability to develop and scan film at home, it will be a lot easier and quicker to go from camera to screen with my images, which (hopefully) will mean more blog posts.  I will keep experimenting to try and keep things fresh and push myself, with things like the first Street Portrait I’ve ever done and whatever else I may find interesting.

man standing with two hats
A Street Portrait

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