Portraits in the Woods

In a bit of a departure from my usual style of photography, I recently had the opportunity to do some family portraits.  It wasn’t that great a departure, though, as it was done in and around the woods at a local park, and not in studio conditions.

family of four in black and white in front of trees
The Happy Nilsson Family

In fact, the weather didn’t cooperate and we had to move from our planned location on the waterfront to an alternate location that provided some shelter from the rain.  While this made for some challenges, it also provided some unique opportunities.

young girl standing in the rain
Smiling in the Rain

The rain actually provided an interesting effect in some of the photos and everyone was able to keep their spirits up for the majority of the shoot under less than ideal conditions.

two children peeking out from behind a pole

The family was great to work with and making these photos of them out in the natural environment fits perfectly with their personalities, rather than the sterile environment of a photo studio.

portrait of young boy with wet hair
Bite your lip!

Photos were provided in both colour and Black and White versions at the request of the family, and in the end, they were pleased with the results.  This instant feedback is very different from the usual landscape, nature or street photography I tend to do and is a welcome change.

a couple embrace in this portrait
The Nilsson’s standing in the Rain

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