Botanical Beach in Winter

Botanical Beach is located on the south-west edge of Vancouver Island, just past Port Renfrew, BC, and it is one of my favourite local spots to visit for photography.

jagged layered rocks and small scrub trees by the ocean
A weather beaten tree overlooks the stormy sea

I managed to avoid the rain for my visit to the beach, but it was an overcast, moody day.  My original plan had been to photograph the tide pools, as well as try out my new Tiffen ND & graduated ND filters, however, with the stormy seas and cloudy sky, I decided to focus on seascapes.

stormy seas bash a rocky island
Water rushes off the rocks after waves crashed into them

The ND filters helped with the long exposures and gave the water a smooth look, despite the stormy sea.  With the overcast weather I though that a black and white photo would help show the mood.

Botanical Beach Seascape B&W LOGO
A bleak looking day on the coast

The constantly churning sea and crashing waves have taken their toll on the rocky surfaces of the beach and have worn them down so that you can easily see the layers.  I found it interesting that the layers are all stacked at quite an angle as they were pushed up from below the surface of the earth, to be weathered and worn down.

angled layers of rock jut out from a turbulent sea
Relentless waves flow over the rocks, slowly wearing them down

It was a good afternoon walking the beach, but just as the waves rush in to the beach, the must return to the sea and I soon had to return home, leaving my ongoing exploration of Botanical Beach on hold until next time.

waves crash on the beach then return to the ocean past a small islet
As quick as it came in, the water recedes

On the way back up the beach, towards the trail, I spotted a clamshell that I couldn’t pass by without taking out my camera one last time.

seashell on sand with red seaweed on top
A clam’s red toupee

If you enjoyed reading about my latest adventure, be sure to follow my blog.  I had planned on creating my first YouTube post (coming very soon) about it.

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