Visiting Bucharest – An iPhone Adventure

My final post in this iPhone photography series is on my all too brief visit to Bucharest.  As I was returning to Canada on a very early flight (actually three connecting flights) from Bucharest, I travelled there the afternoon before and had a little time to see some sights.

a woman reading a book sits at the base of a giant statue of a man on a horse

In the Shadow of the Powerful

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A Photo Club Outing to Victoria

Every year in Victoria there is the Victoria Camera Swap Meet and this was the first time I made it out.  In fact, several members of the Camera Club I am part of headed out there to check it out.  It was an interesting mix of mostly older 35 mm, medium and large format film cameras, as well as movie cameras, accessories and some dSLR’s.  I could easily have spent enough to put me into debt, but in the end common sense won out and I only picked up one filter.

4x5 format film camera on a tripod

An Old Large Format camera at the Victoria Camera Swap Meet

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