Visiting Bucharest – An iPhone Adventure

My final post in this iPhone photography series is on my all too brief visit to Bucharest.  As I was returning to Canada on a very early flight (actually three connecting flights) from Bucharest, I travelled there the afternoon before and had a little time to see some sights.

a woman reading a book sits at the base of a giant statue of a man on a horse
In the Shadow of the Powerful

Getting to the city core took a long time as the traffic seemed to be constantly at a crawl.  Once at the hotel, I wandered the streets surrounding it for a bit and saw a very interesting city.  There were some old run down buildings but many were in good condition and quite impressive.

statue infant of a grand building with stone columns
Stand Tall
dramatic looking university building
King Carol I University

During my wandering, I saw Muzeul Colecţiilor de Artă (the Art Collections Museum) and had to go in to check it out.  I have to say I was very impressed.  It is a large, three storey building, in a U shape, and is full of paintings, busts and other artifacts.  It took me almost three hours to view everything and I am not sure that I didn’t miss anything.

Muzeul Colecţiilor de Artă
A Police Officer Inspects a Statue Behind the Stone Couple in the Courtyard of the Art Collections Museum

As I continued to wander, I spotted the even larger and more impressive looking National Museum of Art of Romania, however, I didn’t have time to visit it on this trip.  In fact, there were many sights around the city that I would have loved to have the time to check out, but with very limited time, I wasn’t able to on this trip.

looking through window grate holes at the airport in Bucharest
View From The Airport Window

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