December . . .

Once again it has been far too long between posts and there have been fewer opportunities to get out and take some photos.  Somehow it always seems like there is less time in December than any other month.  Life gets hectic with shopping, holiday events to go to, family gatherings and there’s always something unexpected coming up.  Even the days are at their shortest… although that can sometimes be to the benefit of the photographer who likes to sleep in.  That is when the sunrise and sunset are at decent hours, making it much more convenient to get out with a camera and just enjoy the world around you.

Sunrise Flock
A December Sunrise.

Of course the days are colder and that means that you want to spend less time exposing yourself and your camera to the elements, or both will get a little frosty.  Once the sun sets it becomes quite chilly, so that makes it the perfect time to go inside and begin the post-processing of the photos.

The sun sets on a fine December day in Sooke
The sun sets on a fine December day in Sooke.

I’m looking forward to a new year of photography that’s just around the corner… and hopefully a more consistent record of blog posts.  So until next year, stay warm and don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the world around you!

Victoria can be seen as the year zooms to a close and fades to black
Victoria can be seen in the distance, as the year zooms to a close and fades to black.

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