Enjoying Photography on a Walk in the Woods

I decided on going on a short walk with my dogs at nearby Poirier Lake, where I was hoping to get some interesting photos of the lake. The dogs had other ideas and wanted to go on a much longer walk, which meant my time by the lake was limited.  There was enough time for a few quick photos of some butterflies that were in the lakeshore mud, though.

several blue butterflies sitting in the mud with one fluttering by
They seemed to enjoy the mud

The most plentiful ones were tiny and almost white on the underside of the wings, but brilliant blue when viewed with their wings spread.  Then there were the much more rare and significantly larger, more majestic looking ones, that fluttered around, rarely sitting still long enough to be have their images captured.

A lone colourful butterfly rests in the mud
Taking a Break

Giving in to the dogs, I decided to explore some nearby trails that, while I knew existed, I had never been to, until now.  After a short walk through an open area, the trail plunged into the woods, and there was a signpost with directions for various trails… the only route marker I saw while on the trail.

A wooden trail marker shows the distance
Which way to go?

Without a trail map or any idea where the trails led, I decided to be cautions and only went a short distance.  There seemed to be numerous unmarked branches off the trail and it looks like it will be a great place to explore more for coming posts.  There were many little birds on the trails and around the lake, including some Killdeer, that like to run along the ground and stop to quickly peck something up, then run off again.

A Killdeer takes a quick break from running around
A Brife Stop for a Killdeer


2 thoughts

    1. That’s close, but after seeing it (thanks for the link, I wouldn’t have looked if it wasn’t for you) I think it’s a Western Spring Azure. The website does not differentiate between eastern and western but I found it in “The Nature Guide to the Victoria Region”, by Ann Nightingale & Claudia Copley. The website lists the Spring Azure: http://www.cbif.gc.ca/eng/species-bank/butterflies-of-canada/spring-azure/spring-azure-celastrina-ladon-lucia-male/?id=1370403265297

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