Another Surprise Find on a Local Hike

This weekend I thought I’d check out some trails I just learned about on an app I recently downloaded (Backpacker – Map Maker).  I’ve only used the app a little, but so far it looks great and has shown me all sorts of new trails that I didn’t know existed.  For this hike, I went to nearby Broom Hill.  There are several trails shown on the map, some fairly well travelled and others that had obviously seen much less use.  As I went along one of the well worn trails, I saw what at first looked like an old, broken, home made ladder… then I saw several others further up the trail.  Some with round “rungs” and some with flat ones.  I realized that these were old, disused, raised bike paths.

an old, disused, wooden bicycle pathway
The Old Raised Bike Path

The path I chose seemed to be fairly well used, as there were very few spiderwebs crossing it, unlike many others I have taken. Running alongside the path, however, there were often spiderwebs, some a few simple strands and others much more complex.  In the shady spots, they are nearly invisible, but when they catch the sunlight, their intricate patterns are revealed.

a complex spiderweb in an old tree
What a Tangled Web

There were birds chirping all around, but other than a quick glimpse as they flitted from tree to tree, they kept out of sight.  Little bugs and insects were plentiful, and there were even a number of bees buzzing around. For the most part, the bees were too quick to focus on or get a good look at.  One poor guy, however, was lying lifeless on the path.  Even in that state, he looked impressive.

a bumble bee lies on the path
End of the Line for This Bee

While many of the things I saw on my hike were interesting, the most unusual was an old abandoned station wagon, which had obviously been in the bushes, almost hidden from view on the trail, for many years.  There was no passable road or trail it could have taken to get there, as there were too many bushes and trees for it to get the several hundred meters from the nearest vehicle access.  It had been found by others in the past and along with being smashed up, it had it’s hood propped open by a couple sticks.  You just never know what you will find when you go out in the woods.

rusty car falling apart in the bushes
Decayed and Covered in Moss, an Old Station Wagon has Found it’s Final Resting Place

I’m looking forward to exploring more of the local trails, soon!

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