A Walk On A Cloudy Evening

I recently wanted to go for a walk near the water to take some sunset photos, but it was overcast and not the best day to do this.  As the location I had planned was a little farther away than I wanted to go that evening, I decided to stick close to home and am pleased that I did.  I was able to catch a little of the setting light on the small waves before I moved closer to the water for some bird photos.

the setting sunlight casts shadows and an orange glow over the waves

Once I was by the edge of the water, I noticed a flock of seagulls hanging around an outcropping of rocks.

birds, gulls, rocks and water
Seagulls With Their Young

Upon closer inspection I could see one of the gulls was snacking on a young crab.

seagulls on the water while one eats a baby crab
An Immature Seagull Snacks On A Small Crab

While some of the birds were eating and others were floating on the water, others were soaring through the sky, keeping their distance.

A lone seagull in flight
A Wary Gull Keeps Its Distance

A short distance across the water, several Great Blue Herons rest on an old floating wooden structure that is lined with nails.

bird stretched out to land on a dock
A Great Blue Heron Coming In For A Landing
A heron goose stepping infront of some Canada Geese
A Great Blue Heron Takes a Big Step

It turned out to be a good evening’s outing even though I didn’t get the dramatic sunset photos that I had been hoping for.  It serves as a good reminder to always be flexible and you’ll find it’s usually possible to make something from “nothing”.  On the way back to where I parked, I had a chance to enjoy some flowers that I hadn’t seen on the way down to the shoreline.

bright red and yellow flowers on a green background
Flowers In Front Of A Crab Trap

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