Neighbourhood Walk

This weekend was pretty busy for me and I only got out for a short walk around the neighbourhood.  Still, I look my camera along and found a few things worth taking shots of.  I found the pattern of the siding on the new construction to form an interesting pattern.

A building being framed and sided with the wood forming a angled pattern
New Condos Under Construction

Looking around there were many little details to appreciate, from flower planters and gardens, to ornaments and weather vanes.

a chicken weather vane pointed westward
I See a Sign… Go West!

The local firehall had three trucks sitting out front, ready to go in case of an emergency.  They can be quite busy at times going to seemingly frequent accidents and the occasional fire, so it’s nice to see them all at the station.  The department is primarily volunteer and do a lot of training and are always looking for new members.

Sooke Fire Truck
The ladder truck is always popular and is one of Henrietta’s favourites!
Classic fire truck parked in front of the firehall
Truck 204 is ready to roll
Red and white fire truck
Truck 20 sits prepared to go

Next week I will be trying to get out around the community and am hoping to have some colourful shots to share!

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