Bike Ride To Leechtown

For more than a month I’ve been telling myself that I should get my bike out and go for a ride.  I only picked it up last year, after not having a bicycle for more than a decade.  Today I decided I would actually take it out on a ride and I would take my camera with me to hopefully get some interesting photos.  In order to do this, I drove up to the top parking area at Sooke Potholes Regional Park and then got on my bike to travel along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail.  My destination was a little over 7 km away and was the old site of Leechtown, a one time gold mining town.  Now there is little left, except for some rusting machinery scattered around the bushes and a marker indicating where the site was.  Nonetheless, I wanted to see it for myself and with my camera in my backpack (which seemed to weigh about 10 kg), I set off on my bike for the first time in about 8 months.

Leech town Historical Sign
This Sign Marks The Site Of The Old Gold Mining Town

A 7 km trip one way, plus a few more riding around the site, doesn’t sound long, but the extra weight of the camera backpack and being my first bike ride of the year left a little sore, so some walking around was a welcome break.  On one of the side trails, I found a rather large, rusted piece of industrial machinery.

old mining equipment
Decades Old Machinery Rusting Where It Was Abandoned

The gears and levers were all covered in a heavy, decades old, rust.

rested inside of an old mining machine
This Machinery Won’t Be Moving Anytime Soon

Looking closely, it was interesting to see just how many different tones and colours there were in the rusted parts.

old rusty springs
Rusted, but Still In Place

I may have been starring at the rust patterns for too long, because I could have sworn that there was a face looking back at me.  I wasn’t sure if it was human or a goat, or something in between, but I’m sure I saw it watching me.

time took it's toll and left a heavily rusted surface
The Face of Rust and Decay

The areas that weren’t covered by rust, were covered by moss and other overgrowth.

old gears covered with moss
No Monkey Wrench, But A Lot of Moss In The Gears

Eventually, I decided to call it a day and gingerly ride the trail back to where I parked.  The area definitely will have to be explored in more detail at a later date, because I am sure there are more old gems to find… and maybe some gold!

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    1. Thanks, Erika. The bike ride is pretty easy, with only a little incline (from what I recall). When I went there were very few others along that section of the path, so it shouldn’t be difficult to keep a safe distance from others.

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