A Picture Perfect Day to See Sooke’s Secret Gardens

This year is the 7th annual Sooke Secret Garden Tour, and the first time I took the opportunity to check it out.  Not only does the $20 tour fee allow entry to all the different sites, the profit goes towards supporting the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra.  The weather was spectacular and there were a steady stream of people visiting each of the gardens.

an old English Tudor style house hosts viewers of its flower garden
Enjoying One Of The Sooke Secret Garden Sites

The gardens were at seven different locations and ranged from a small property to one over ten acres and even a community garden.  The variety of plants and flowers was wonderful and it was surprising to see how many different varieties of some flowers there are in the area.a lovely six petal purple flower a poppy with shadows cast upon itself a large bright reddish-orange poppy

Some flowers stood out on their own and others were complimented by their surroundings.  There was a lot of walking on the tour, but it was well worth it.  Besides seeing so many flowers, many of the houses themselves were of interest and some had outstanding views.

beyond the garden a clear blue sky tops off the mountains and sea
Beautiful Flowers and Stunning Views

As a special treat, there were a handful of vintage automobiles on display as part of the tour.  Unfortunately, I was unable to convince anyone to let me go for a drive through the countryside in one of them. 😉

Bentley Convertible Hood Ornament
Hood Badge on a Classic Bentley
Open top Morgan automobile in red and black
The Low Down View of a Classic Convertible Morgan

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