Canada Day with the Dogs!

It’s been a little longer than usual between posts, but I’m back with a quick one here on Canada Day.  Today was Canada’s 148th birthday and falling on a Wednesday, it nicely broke up the work week.  Instead of making big plans I took the day to relax and watch some of the celebrations across the country on TV (which is something that has only been turned on a handful of times since the beginning of the year).

After that, I took the dogs down to the ocean for a swim and to cool off in the 25C heat.

A Favourite Waterside Activity
A Favourite Waterside Activity

I’m pretty sure the girls would have played fetch for hours, if I’d have let them.  It’s always a challenge to see who can get to the stick first.

Happy Retrieving
Happy Retrieving
If You Can't Win, Rub Your Face On The Rocks
If You Can’t Win, Rub Your Face On The Rocks

When they were first introduced to the water (years ago), each of them had been hesitant to go in but once they got wet they loved it and they are always super excited to return.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, a lake or even a mud puddle… Okay, that last one matters to me, but not to them!

Every time they get out they have to drop the stick (if they have one) and then twist and shake the water off, often as close to me and my camera as possible.

Beautiful Golden Retriever shaking off excess water
Time To Shake It Off
twisting dry dog
Spin Dry

Now it’s time to kick back and relax with a cold one of some sort.  Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, and to everyone else, greetings from Canada, “The True North, Strong and Free“!

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