Car Free Day in Victoria with my Camera

Once again the weather was beautiful and it made for a perfect day to head to downtown Victoria for a walk through the street marked set up for Car Free Day.  Several blocks of Douglas Street were closed off to traffic and various booths, stages and other things were set up along it.  It attracted about 20,000 people and was well planned.

flag person directing traffic
Traffic Control was in Place at the Cross Streets

They even went as far as to cover an entire block of pavement with real grass!

a section of the road is covered in grass
Douglas Street Lawn

Some of the booths set up showcased fitness and related events, such as Ti Chi and Yoga.

Yoga practishoner
Yoga on the Street

This was the first time that “Car Free Day” was held in Victoria, and it appeared to be a big hit with all that attended.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes an annual event.  It attracted people young and old, families and singles alike.

a woman with a bright green parasol walks on Douglas St
Strangers Passing on the Street

On the streets around the event, traffic was flowing normally and people were out enjoying a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

a motorcycle with sidecar and three large occupants
Victoria Traffic

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