WWPW 2015 Victoria

For the second year in a row I went to the Kelby World Wide Photo Walk, in Victoria, BC.  This time there were about half a dozen photographers from my local photo club that joined the walk through Beacon Hill Park and surrounding areas in the city.  It made for an interesting trip with a wide variety of subjects to photograph.

lilly pads cover the pond in front of the fountain at Beacon Hill ParkOne of the places we walked by was the BC Legislature grounds.  Besides the beautiful Legislature building itself, there are numerous monuments on the grounds, which are always covered with tourists.

Soldier on top of monument in Remembrance
Always On Guard
BC Law Enforcement Memorial in the shadow of the BC Legislature

The details of the Legislature building itself areaways interesting.  There are various statues and intricate stonework spread around, as well as the distinctive green domes on the roof.

Statue and Bird

Close by is the Empress hotel, which is one of my favourites to both look at and to stay.  The vines that cover much of the building give it a distinct look and feel.

vines cover the exterior of the Empress hotel
Looking Up the Empress Walls

Even just the walk back towards the park revealed interesting details on the sides of local buildings.

image of a woman in stone with music
Frozen in Stone

The return through the park gave me opportunities to photograph some wild life and others less fortunate.

a duck swims towards the camera on a pond
Here Comes the Duck
a peacock struts in the park
Proud as a Peacock
man pushes belongings in a cart
Moving to a New Location

As the walk was coming to a close, I was lucky enough to get a shot of a model posing for another photographer, sitting on top a stone bridge.  Turns out they had nothing to do with the Photo Walk.  We all just happened to be in the same place at the same time.  I’m looking forward to next year’s WWPW!

Okay, here’s a late edit… I thought I’d see what one of the photos from above looked like with some clouds and warmth…

Composite Image with the addition of the clouds
Composite Image with the addition of the clouds

4 thoughts

    1. Good question… Of these there were two that I liked the “feel” of in a different way than the others. They were the statue on top the BC Legislature building (with the Bird landing on it) and the view up the side of the Empress Hotel (covered in vines). I chose to submit the statue and the bird photo. While there’s a lot of blue sky and it may not be technically the best, there is something about the bird over the statue’s shoulder that I liked. I added a composite image of that statue & bird with some clouds at the bottom of the post.

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