Phogtography Part II

Once again it was a foggy day near the water and previous plans had to be altered.  Not that I minded, as I kind of enjoy the fog.  In fact, this is the second time I am dedicating a post to “Photography”.  This time I went down to the Rotary Pier, on the Sooke Harbour waterfront and had a nice leisurely stroll.

Maple Leaf on the Boardwalk as people fish for crab
Into The Fog

With the gentle breeze, the fog rolled in and drifted by.  This made for a variety of conditions and different looks.  There were a number of people fishing for crab from the end of the pier and many others, like myself, out for a walk.

thick fog envelopes the Pier in Sooke
Looking Back at the Crab Fishers

As the fog lifted, it became much easier to see the number of boats in the harbour, but all of them were moored or at anchor.  It didn’t seem like anyone was moving on the water this day.

sailboats at anchor in a foggy harbour
The Fog Slowly Starts to Lift
Lone Sailboat
Lone Sailboat 

To finish off, I thought I’d add a link to a short videphography clip I took and posted on Flickr.

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