Being Creative on a Sick Day

After a couple of rainy days when I was stuck inside with a cold, I was getting anxious to get out with my camera, but wasn’t feeling up to it.  Instead, I thought I’d stay inside where it was warm and dry and try to find something creative to do with my camera.

colourful oil and water pattern
Globs of Colour

These images were created by pouring some cooking oil into a glass container of water.  The container was elevated over several colourful swatches and these macro images are what resulted from my efforts.

oil bubbles on water
Bubbles on Bubbles
Almost like snowflakes, no two images turn out the same, as the oil was moving slowly across the surface of the water, constantly changing shape as oil blobs joined each other.

oil and water bubbles on a colourful background
Multicoloured Bubbles
It’s always fun to experiment with a camera, even when stuck inside.  I’m glad I didn’t let a little cold keep me from making some interesting images.

spiral pattern in bubbles of oil on water
Swirling Bubbles
brightly colored oil and water
Colour Overload

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