Cloudy Day at Sheringham Point Lighthouse

It was another wet, grey weekend, but I wasn’t going to let that keep me in, so I went for a visit to Sheringham Point Lighthouse near Shirley, BC.  The lighthouse is at the end of a short trail that winds down a fairly steep hill.

old lighthouse on an overcast day at the end of a path
Sheringham Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse has been standing for over a hundred years and while much effort has gone into preserving it, it shows signs of age and weathering.

Looking Up the Lighthouse

While the weather was not the best for grand scenic views, it worked just fine to get some of the details.

Bent Bolt
Bent Bolt
On The Rocks

Looking out from the lighthouse you get the sense of the constant motion of the sea as it pounds against the rocks, rushes up the shore and back out again.

Swirling Waters
Constant Rush of the Sea

Off in the other direction, there is a better view of some of the cliffs that surround the lighthouse.  With such a rugged coastline it is a good thing there were lighthouses dotted along the coast to warn ships to keep their distance.

Lone Tree
Who Needs Soil to Thrive

Fortunately, with the help of a microfibre cloth, I managed to keep my camera and lens dry enough to survive another day shooting.

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