Sooke River Bridge Graffiti

There is really only one way into town, and that is taking Highway 14 over the Sooke River Bridge, but just because driving over the bride keeps the graffiti out of sight, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. Once you step off the sidewalk and onto the path that leads under the bridge, you catch your first glimpse of it.

a broken umbrella lies next to the Sooke River bridge
Umbrella Abandoned
There are multiple pieces on all the supporting structures. Some are just quick and dirty scrawlings, others are quite artistic in nature.

graffiti under the bridge
Inverse Art

closeup of graffiti
Colourful Graffiti
Looking back at the bridge, you can see several examples of the graffiti. What you can’t see from a distance, is the rubbish left behind, like a large pile of used spray paint cans and a rusted bike frame.

bridge reflecting on the river
Sooke River Bridge From Below
Turn your back to the colourful graffiti and the bridge and you can gaze out at the peaceful scene in front of you.

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