Visiting Varna – An iPhone Experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to a couple countries in Eastern Europe for work. In order to keep from interfering with work but be able to make as many images as possible, I decided to rely on my iPhone for photography.  There will be several other posts in what I am subtitling “An iPhone Experience”.  I was hoping to find another old film camera while travelling, to supplement my iPhone photography, but that didn’t pan out this time. The first place I went was Varna, Bulgaria, which is a port city on the Black Sea.

varna opera house
The Varna Opera House

The city had many rundown old buildings but it also had some very nicely maintained ones, like the Opera House as well as much more modern ones. There was quite a bit of graffiti around. Some of it just quick and dirty scrawls, while in other places it was more elaborate.

grafitti a varna
The Varna Opera House

I was only in Varna for a few days but managed a short trip to the surrounding countryside, where I saw the Stone Forest, where there are many naturally formed stone pillars. Weathering over time has worn them down and left many interesting shapes.

The Stone Forest
stone forest face
A Stone Faced Pillar

After a short, but enjoyable, stay in Varna, it was time to move on.  More on that in my next post.

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