Deuce Days in Victoria

I happened to be in downtown Victoria this weekend and as usual, had my camera with me.  Turns out this was opportune, as this weekend is “Deuce Days” in Victoria and it is billed as the largest gathering of 32 Ford Coupes in the world.  I wasn’t when all of them got together in one area, but I did happen to see a number driving around, as well as several other old classics.

32 Forde Deuce Coupe in front of the Old Spaghetti Factory in Victoria BC
One Hot Coupe

woody sided classic Ford wagon
Sometimes a little wood looks good
T B Straiton grocery truck classic
The Delivery Truck

It wasn’t all old Fords, though.  There were a number of other old classics around, including a nice Chevy, although it was parked and not driving with the Fords.

bright orange Chevrolet classic car
Not a Ford

And if cars aren’t your thing, you could always check out the horses.

headshot of a horse
One Horse Power

Not everyone was impressed by the flashy horsepower on display, though.

a copper coated busker sticks out her tongue
Raspberry from the Copper Cowgirl


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