Developing Story

I am excited to have recently developed my first ever roll of 120 film (Ilford HP 5+). The last time I developed any film (it was 35 mm B&W) was just over 30 years ago! I will be writing a more lengthy post once I scan the film, but thought I’d give a quick peek at my experience.

120 format film
From the first roll developed

I’ve slowly been gathering the supplies to develop film. First I purchased a Paterson Universal Developing Tank.  Then it was the chemicals; Blazinal developer, Ilford Stop Bath and Ilford Fixer.  Next, I acquired a changing bag (so I could load the film on the reel and into the lightproof Developing tank in the dark, without needing a darkroom). In place of a darkroom timer, I got an app called “Dev it!”, which is designed for just this kind of use.  Some inexpensive graduated cylinders, film clips and a thermometer were my final purchases before I was finally ready to develop that first roll.

The next thing I will have to do is scan the film.  For the short term solution, I may take it to a local printer that I’ve had develop, scan and print film before, or see if I can find someone to scan it for me (and then I will post the results).  Longer term, I will need a good quality film scanner.

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