2016 Photowalk in Oak Bay

This was the third year I participated in one of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walks (WWPW). They are held the same day in cities all around the world. My local walk for the Victoria, B.C. Area was in Oak Bay and started at the marina.

old gentleman sitting on a bench with his book
Taking in the View at the Oak Bay Marina

The weather was mostly overcast, with a little bit of sun making its way through the clouds at times; but, the rain held off during the walk, so I (and more importantly, my camera gear) stayed dry.  The route for the walk wound along the shoreline where there were plenty of interesting things to photograph, like birds, driftwood and seaweed.

bird wades through the water
Water Walker
driftwood in the sand, looking like a skull
Facial Pareidolia? Does it look like the face of some sort of giant animal skull to you?
pinecone and seaweed on the shoreline
Seashore Treasures

The route then wandered through a local neighbourhood, where, even on October 1st, there were still many flowers on display.

closeup of a flower
A yellow crown sits atop this flower
black and white image of a flower
Beauty needs no colour

We even walked past a large public park where there was a Rugby match taking place.  The timing of this portion of the walk was fortuitous, as I couldn’t linger, but happened to be there just as a Try was being scored.

scoring play in Rugby
Going in for the Try (just before the touch-in-goal)

The unfortunate thing about the photowalk is there is a time limit and while it seems like more than enough time before you start, it never is and you always feel like you are going to run out of it…


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