Ice Shots on the Beach

It was about a degree below freezing with just enough of a breeze to make it seem much cooler down at Sandcut Beach, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day for photography. Look out from the beach and on most days you can see the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. I have heard there and many excellent photographic opportunities there and hope to check it out myself some time in the future.

Log on beach overlooking rock and Olympic Peninsula

Looking across the water at our American neighbours 

Turn around and you will see Sandcut Falls, which seem to have accumulated some ice on this day.

Waterfall on a frozen rocky beach

Two separate forks of the same stream cascade over Sandcut Falls

In warmer weather the beach can get quite busy, as can the rope swing by the Falls.

A rope swing on the beach

The rope swing swayed gently in the breeze

Looking closer at the details, it was interesting to see the mist from the Falls caused ice to build up on one side of the rocks and debris on the beach.

Ice covering the beach

Icy branch and rocks

Looking even closer it was apparent that the sun had heated the rocks just enough to make some of them start to shed their icy hats.

Rocks with ice sliding off

Ice capped stones

Ice capped stones

Shedding their icy hats

It was a fun day and I’m looking forward to my next photographic outing!

6 thoughts on “Ice Shots on the Beach

  1. thank you for this post which I reblogged on Living on Vancouver Island.. we visited it last summer but I didn’t take my camera so I appreciate your photos. The beach and waterfall are beautiful, but the trail down, however, was not much fun.

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