A Visit to the Lake

Poirier Lake is one of those places that I love to stop by for a nice little break, where there always seems to be something of interest to photograph. It is not often there is more than the things of layers of ice around the edges of the lake, but with temperatures hovering just below the freezing mark for a little while, the ice is now thicker than I’ve seen it and covers the entire surface of the lake.

A clump of grass pokes through an ice covered lake
Standing out through the ice

There was a very fine layer of snow sprinkled on the surface of the lake, which could easily be blown away to reveal the surface of the ice. Clearing a small area revealed an interesting pattern of bubbles, which almost looked as though they were floating in space.

Bubbles trapped in ice
Frozen in the Blackness

Dead tree branches stuck out of the ice as if reaching out from the deep.

Three branches break the surface
Casting a shadow on the ice

It was a brief but enjoyable visit to a place I find myself frequently coming back to and I’m sure this is not the last time I will write a post about a visit there.

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