Exploring The Saanich Historical Artifacts Society

There are so many different places to visit and things to see on Vancouver Island that it is easy to put off going to any of them, thinking, I can go there any time.  The Saanich Historical Artifacts Society / Heritage Acres Museum, is easily seen when driving on the main highway towards Victoria International Airport or the ferry to the mainland and has always been one of those places that I kept meaning to go to, so I finally decided to take a trip out there and see what they had to offer.  I am glad that I did.

SHAS sign and old pumps and equipment
Heritage Acres Museum has many items on display

They have a couple of old train cars at one end of the site and a miniature railway track that runs around part of the property, used by the Vancouver Island Model Engineers.

a Grand Trunk Western Southwork rail car is passed by a riding lawnmower
Racing the train while cutting grass

There is a collection of very old gasoline pumps in various states of disrepair along side of one of the buildings.  It would be nice to see them receive a little TLC and be put in a more prominent location, but I am sure there are a lot of expenses and things have to be prioritized when everything is run by donation and volunteers.

red and yellow Shell Gasoline sign with bullet holes
The old Shell sign looks like it’s taken a bit of abuse over the years
numerical dials form the guts of a broken down gasoline pump
The inner workings of an old gas pump display

There are many different kinds of old steam powered engines and various vehicles spread around the grounds.I was there for a little under three hours and felt like I rushed through the site.

a oil filled gauge in see through glass
A number of the old machines had this type of glass cylinder on them
Ford Rad
This Ford needs more than a little TLC

The property also contained a number of old wooden buildings, all of which appeared to be closed on the day I visited, although I understand that many of them are open when it is busier.

a beautiful wooden cabin surrounded by the forest
This moss covered cabin is one of several old wooden structures to be found on the site

There is a large museum building with two floors of items from the last century and earlier on display.  It was well worth a visit and someday I will have to return.

electrical insulator made of blue glass
An glass insulator from a ‘tree’ of them
black and gold singer sewing machine
A fancy sewing machine from a simpler time

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