The Wonders of Sombrio Beach

Sombrio Beach is a place I’ve been meaning to check out for quite some time.  In fact, a few weeks ago I actually drove there (it’s around an hour drive pst Sooke, along a the twisty West Coast Road), but when I arrived, both parking areas were full and the gravel road leading to it was lined with cars on both sides for some distance up the hill, so I decided to try again another day.  I’m glad I did, because when I returned this time, there were only a few people camping on the beach and it was a great day to explore.

a wood plank bridge crosses Rosemond Creek
One of the many small bridges on West Coast Road, heading towards Sombrio Beach

The morning I was there it was a comfortable temperature with an overcast sky, which cleared up sometime after I left.  When I was there it was perfect weather for a nice hike and to some photography.

a hiker meditates on the beach near some tents
A few campers were scattered along the beach

The beach was made up of rocks of various types and sizes; from tiny pebbles up to large slabs of rock.  Many of the larger ones were carved into interesting shapes by the relentless action of the tide.

a large rock with a pool of water on top, surrounded by pebbles
This looked like a natural bird bath

There were plenty of birds around.  I hadn’t realized just how much robins liked seaweed, but they seemed to be quite attracted to it on this day.  The one that really caught my eye, however, was the Bald Eagle watching over the beach.

a raptor perched on top a large boulder by the sea
The majestic Bald Eagle surveying the surrounding area

The real gem at Sombrio Beach is actually not at the beach, but it is very close by.  Up a short path there is a sign stating “Please respect this area.  It is sacred to the Pacheedaht First Nation”.  A little bit further along there is an opening through the cliff-side, and a beautiful waterfall.  This is what I came to see.  Unfortunately, not everyone who has been there before me was respectful of the sacred area and there are many initials and other things carved into the nearby rock face.

emerald green walls line the cliffs near the waterfall
An enchanted waterfall at Sombrio Beach

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed making them.

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