2018 – The Year Ahead

Well once again it has been far too long since I have posted here.  Unlike most of my posts, which primarily feature photos I have made and a bit about them, this post is meant to look at what I am planning for the coming year in photography.

In 2018, I plan on stepping up my game (photographically) significantly.  I had high hopes for getting out more and trying some new things for 2017, but, while I did explore some new areas and techniques, as well as obtaining some education and other experiences, I fell far short of my intent.  As 2018 is just about to begin, I thought this would be a good time to list my photography related goals for the year, so that I have a measuring stick to go by when I review my progress.  I am still determining what is practical and what will fit with my overall vision, but here are some of the things I am contemplating for the year:

  • Wildlife – I would love to make more, high quality images of a more broad variety of wildlife than in the past
  • Nature – over the years, I have experimented with a number of different photographic genres, but my favourites involve nature (such as landscapes, wildlife, etc.) and I will be spending the majority of my creative time on various forms of nature photography
  • New Destinations – much of the photography I have shared is on southern Vancouver Island and I will continue to focus on this area, however, I plan on travelling farther out from my home base.  I would like to photograph central and northern areas on Vancouver Island, and well beyond it
  • Projects – rather than just going for individual images, I plan on working on some ongoing projects that have a unifying theme
  • Video – this is an area I am thinking of exploring (probably) on a small scale and at a basic level.  I don’t yet know how it might fit with my overall plans, but feel that it has potential to compliment it
  • Teaching – I have given several presentation related to basic photography topics to my local photography club and would like to do more of them there and perhaps elsewhere
  • Public Exhibitions – I have had some photographs displayed at a few events in the past and am hoping to do so at more this year, as well as in new venues
  • Consistency – I am hoping to get out photographing on a more frequent basis and creating posts much more regularly

One final area that I am interested in, but do not anticipate exploring this year, is drone photography.  It is still a fairly new field and regulations are somewhat in flux at the moment, so I am willing to wait a bit longer before making a decision on this.  In addition to this, I feel my time and money could better be spent on my current projects, before taking on a new challenge like this.

I have more ideas bouncing around in my head, but they need to be further developed and I think that this list is a good start.

I hope you check back soon, as the next Post I plan on releasing will be my top images from this past year (2017).

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