Exploring the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula (and Olympic National Park) is just a short ferry ride across the Straight of Juan de Fuca from Victoria, and somewhere I’ve been meaning to visit for years.  I’m glad that I finally did!

US flag waves on back of ferry across the Jaun de Fuca straight
Victoria recedes in the distance as MV Coho departs for Port Washington

After a quick lunch in Port Angeles, I headed to Rialto Beach, where there was a lot of driftwood, some dead standing trees and a few sea stacks.  It was a great place to explore and make some interesting photos.

driftwood and standing dead trees at Rialto beach, Olympic Peninsula
Driftwood and Dead Trees

A short drive from Rialto beach is the small town of Forks, WA, where much of the Twilight saga was centred around, and the town has plenty of reminders of it for the tourists.  The motel I checked into there was clean, reasonably priced and conveniently located to explore the area.  Despite the overcast sky, I went to Ruby beach that evening, in hope of some decent weather for sunset.  As luck had it, the clouds broke a couple hours before sunset and it made for a beautiful evening.

the setting sun disappears behind an island at ruby beach
Beautiful Ruby Beach
several sea sacks appear to rise out of the misty sea in a pastel sunset
Sea Stacks Rising

The next morning I took a short drive and explored the Hall of Mosses trail, in the Hoh Rainforest.  It was impossible to count the number of shades of green in there!

people walking a pathway under the arch of a tree in a green forest
Down the Path of the Hall of Mosses
trees in the rainforest with a tangle of roots
The roots used to be supported by a nurse log, which has long since decayed

Exploring the short trail took much of the morning and I had to head back to Port Angeles, to catch the return ferry to Victoria.

a small lighthouse on the breakwater surrounded by people
Ogden Point Breakwater at the entrance to Victoria’s inner harbour

It was a fantastic trip, but far too short to see all that the Olympic Peninsula has to offer.  I will definitely be making return trips in the future!

Select photos from my adventures are available for purchase online at Fine Art America.

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