The Sooke Music and Art Festival

This is the third year for the Sooke Music Festival, which has been renamed the “Sooke Music and Art Festival” and for the first time included the Sooke Community Arts Council  (as one of their Art in the Park events) and various art displays.

two dogs connected together by a leash wandering on grass
Doggie Tripline – Checking out the Festival

people on the grass viewed through hanging art
People Enjoying the Festival

This has been a hectic summer for me and while I am a member of the Sooke Community Arts Council, I didn’t have time to prepare anything to display at the festival. I did enjoy walking around the festival and viewing other artists works and the various booths there as well as listening to the bands, though.

Linda Gordon attends a painting and art display
Checking out the Artists Booths

There were quite a few food trucks, which is a good thing, because there was also a hungry pirate wandering around the grounds.

a man with a pirate hat eats a box of take out food
Please Don’t Feed the Pirate

There were also a number of games and events to keep people occupied when they weren’t listening to the bands.

man celebrating winning a game of foosball against his wife
Foosball Champion!

The festival started at 11:00 AM and continued into the evening, ending at 9:00 PM.  Throughout the day, about twelve bands, playing a variety of musical genres, rotated between two separate stages.

a band plays on a temporary stage
A free-standing stage at the festival
a band plays on the back deck of the fitness club
A stage was set up at the back of Speed Source Fitness

One of the artists, Linda Gordon, an accomplished painter, was giving free lessons and I sat in on one of them.  While I enjoyed the experience, let’s just say that my painting won’t be hanging in any museum.  As I left the festival, I did stop to take a photo of my masterpiece, in front of a flower bed.

a small painting rests in front of a flower bed
My Art in the Park


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