A Different Perspective

Well it’s been far too long since I last posted and that is about to change. The past couple years, during all the Covid-19 related issues, have been disruptive on any sort of normal routine for many, including me. I am looking forward to returning to a more regular routine of getting out on photography excursions and posting my thoughts and experiences on them here. You’ll find some photography tips and educational advice added in with my posts about different locations I have visited.

An overhead view of Ella Beach on Vancouver Island

You will also find images I have made with my drone, such as the one of Ella Beach (above), from the day after a major storm which washed out many roads and took out power across much of southern British Columbia.

Sooke Marine Bordwalk / Rotary Pier

Drone photography allows access to a whole new perspective that you just can’t normally get from a land based viewpoint. The Sooke Marine Boardwalk, as seen here, with Ed Macgregor Park in the background is a good example of this. Normally, the only way to get a view from the water-side, you would be at sea level (on a boat) or across the water in East Sooke, so you wouldn’t be able to tell what lay just behind the park. The previous image of the beach was taken directly overhead and allows you to see patterns formed on a large scale that you might otherwise only see if you were looking out the window of an airplane flying way overhead.

Don’t worry, this blog is not turning into a dedicated drone photography site. There will continue to be many more photos from a terrestrial based point of view.

No need for a drone to get a different view point when you’re a seagull

Thank you for continuing to follow me and I’d appreciate if you could recommend the blog to others who are interested in photography or Vancouver Island (where much of my photography is from).

A Bird’s Eye View of Sheringham Point Lighthouse

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