A Walk at Ogden Point

With the day being a sunny break from an otherwise rainy week, I decided to head out for a walk along the Ogden Point Breakwater and of course I had to bring my camera along.  The breakwater is a favourite of many locals and tourists alike, even on a windy February day.

silver rails line the path to the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater

Strolling along the Ogden Point Breakwater

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Cloudy Day at Sheringham Point Lighthouse

It was another wet, grey weekend, but I wasn’t going to let that keep me in, so I went for a visit to Sheringham Point Lighthouse near Shirley, BC.  The lighthouse is at the end of a short trail that winds down a fairly steep hill.

old lighthouse on an overcast day at the end of a path

Sheringham Point Lighthouse

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Camping at a National Historic Site

It’s been a busy summer, so far, and while I’ve been having a great time, I’ve had less time than usual for photography (and subsequent post-processing).  The good news is that I spent a couple nights at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites, where they have “oTENTiks”.  These are great, as there are only five of them at the site (only two occupied on the nights I was there), and the occupants get to stay and explore the sites after they are closed and everyone else is locked out!

darkness surrounds oTENTiks at a Parks Canada site

oTENTiks at Night

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Starting the Year Off Right

This year I want to take more photos both locally and when I am away from home.  I started off the year with a trip to the Tofino area, where I had the chance to do a good amount of shooting and appreciating that beautiful area.  January is frequently stormy and this year was no different.

The stormy weather whipped up the waves at Cox Bay

The stormy weather whipped up the waves at Cox Bay

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