Art in the Park at the Sooke Car Show

Art in the Park at the Sooke Car Show

I’ve been with the local Arts Council for the past couple years and have slowly been getting more involved. I’ve had a couple showings through them this year and just finished participating in one of our “Art in the Park” events. This one was held at the Sooke Car Show.

Some of my prints at one a SAC booth

This was the first time I’ve set up a table at one of these events and it was definitely a learning experience. In the future I should have a much better setup and now know what to expect. It was a beautiful day for the event, but the one thing that made life a little difficult was the wind, although I didn’t have any serious issues with it. The worst that happened to me is a couple art cards blew off the table. Others had paintings and prints blown down and one person had a large glass pane from a framed print smash when it blew over.

At the end of the month I have a print at the largest juried art show on Vancouver Island, then in early August I have another Art in the Park event, which should be much bigger. It looks like a busy summer! I’ll leave you with some photos from today at the car show.

The Sooke Music and Art Festival

This is the third year for the Sooke Music Festival, which has been renamed the “Sooke Music and Art Festival” and for the first time included the Sooke Community Arts Council  (as one of their Art in the Park events) and various art displays.

two dogs connected together by a leash wandering on grass

Doggie Tripline – Checking out the Festival

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Photos at the Victoria Busker Festival

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I finally managed to get some time to take a few photographs.  This time I went with a small group to see the Busker Festival, around the inner harbour area of Victoria, BC.  It was almost the perfect day for it, as the weather was partially overcast, so it was not too hot and we didn’t get wet.  While the festival was going on, so was everything else that happens in Victoria, including traffic on the sea, land and air!

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Car Free Day in Victoria with my Camera

Once again the weather was beautiful and it made for a perfect day to head to downtown Victoria for a walk through the street marked set up for Car Free Day.  Several blocks of Douglas Street were closed off to traffic and various booths, stages and other things were set up along it.  It attracted about 20,000 people and was well planned.

flag person directing traffic

Traffic Control was in Place at the Cross Streets

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