Photos at the Victoria Busker Festival

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I finally managed to get some time to take a few photographs.  This time I went with a small group to see the Busker Festival, around the inner harbour area of Victoria, BC.  It was almost the perfect day for it, as the weather was partially overcast, so it was not too hot and we didn’t get wet.  While the festival was going on, so was everything else that happens in Victoria, including traffic on the sea, land and air!

seaplane approaching landing in front of buildings

Many people were just going about their normal day and not seeming to give much heed to the festival.

man eating lunch on his lap while reading the paper

There was an interesting variety of buskers, although I was hoping for more.  In addition to the featured ones, there were a number of less formal buskers in the area, doing their best to entertain the crowds and eek out a living.

copper coated girl in western outfit
Copper Cowgirl
fire appears to emit from the rear of a street enteratiner
Hot Stuff

busker with a guitar and open case

It is always nice to find an “excuse” for wandering around Victoria and the Busker Festival gave that much more reason to go and explore, once again.  The crowds really seemed to enjoy the entertainment and some were even dancing in the street.

young girl dances by herself

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