Camping at a National Historic Site

It’s been a busy summer, so far, and while I’ve been having a great time, I’ve had less time than usual for photography (and subsequent post-processing).  The good news is that I spent a couple nights at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites, where they have “oTENTiks”.  These are great, as there are only five of them at the site (only two occupied on the nights I was there), and the occupants get to stay and explore the sites after they are closed and everyone else is locked out!

darkness surrounds oTENTiks at a Parks Canada site
oTENTiks at Night

This gave us the freedom to wander about the sites at our leisure and take as much or as little time at each area as we choose to.  Fort Rodd Hill has many old gun emplacements and old WWII era bunkers that can be wandered through.BWObsPost

In addition the hill top provides a great view of the surrounding areas and approaches by sea.

low fog rolls over land while high clouds darken the view
Clouds Over Esquimalt

Birds and deer are all over, especially once the gates are closed for the evening (of course the wasps like to visit when it’s dinner time and the BBQ is fired up, too).  It may be the site of an old fort but it is in the heart of nature.

Screaming Dear


The views of Fisgard Lighthouse are spectacular, day or night and during open hours it is quite interesting to wander through the lighthouse and imagine what life was like back when it was still occupied.  All in all, it was a great couple nights getting away from it all in the shadow of Victoria!

Fisgard Sunset

Fisgard Lighthouse under the stars
Night Light(house)

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