Whiffen Spit Phogtography

My plans for some early morning landscape photography were derailed by heavy fog near the ocean, so I adjusted them and went to a location where I figured I could use the fog to my advantage and make some interesting photographs; Whiffen Spit.

birds on log on a foggy day at the shore

Two crows perch on driftwood at Whiffen Spit

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Phogtography in the Forest

I planned on taking another hike down to Mystic Beach this weekend and the day started off in the beautiful sunshine. Half an hour later, I had driven through three separate areas of fog, including at my destination, which made me quite happy. I love the atmosphere fog gives to photographs!

black and white photo of rays of light illuminating fog in the rainforest

Sunbeams slice through the fog

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Phogtography Part II

Once again it was a foggy day near the water and previous plans had to be altered.  Not that I minded, as I kind of enjoy the fog.  In fact, this is the second time I am dedicating a post to “Photography”.  This time I went down to the Rotary Pier, on the Sooke Harbour waterfront and had a nice leisurely stroll.

Maple Leaf on the Boardwalk as people fish for crab

Into The Fog

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