Ongoing Adventures of Henrietta the Hen

Quite some time ago I first met Henrietta, a chicken in search of her long lost uncle, Larry-Lays-Two-Eggs.  I told the story of our meeting over at the Oopoomoo blog, and it can be found here.  While Henrietta has grown quite comfortable on Vancouver Island, she has not given up her quest to find her long lost uncle.  Recently, she searched high and low at Gordon’s Beach and even tried to recruit a passer-by to help, but in the end she knew it was up to her alone to find him.

a rocky beach watched over by a chicken on a log and walking woman
Searching the Beach

Henrietta thought she might have a good view from the top of a large tree stump that was on the beach, so she had climbed high up to look around.

rubber chicken on a beached root-mass
Henrietta is Stumped as to the Whereabouts of Larry-Laid-Two-Eggs

She noticed the tide seemed to be moving in and the waves started to look pretty big to a chicken of her stature, so she though it best to move along.

stump on the beach with waves and mountains
Crashing Waves Send Henrietta From Her Perch

Of course, she couldn’t resist checking under some driftwood and searching every nook and cranny on her way up the beach.

the rubber chicken sticks its head through a knothole in driftwood
Pop Up Chicken

As she left the beach, she had to cross more debris.  This time it was a creosote coated wooden pole, with rusty old metal pieces sticking out of it.  She paused, one last time, turned back to the beach and cried out to let Larry-Lays-Two-Eggs know that her search would not end until she found him.  Even if it meant more travel…

wooden pole, bent rusted iron and a rubber chicken
The Search Goes On

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