Whiffen Spit Phogtography

My plans for some early morning landscape photography were derailed by heavy fog near the ocean, so I adjusted them and went to a location where I figured I could use the fog to my advantage and make some interesting photographs; Whiffen Spit.

birds on log on a foggy day at the shore

Two crows perch on driftwood at Whiffen Spit

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2016 Photowalk in Oak Bay

This was the third year I participated in one of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walks (WWPW). They are held the same day in cities all around the world. My local walk for the Victoria, B.C. Area was in Oak Bay and started at the marina.

old gentleman sitting on a bench with his book

Taking in the View at the Oak Bay Marina

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Ongoing Adventures of Henrietta the Hen

Ongoing Adventures of Henrietta the Hen

Quite some time ago I first met Henrietta, a chicken in search of her long lost uncle, Larry-Lays-Two-Eggs.  I told the story of our meeting over at the Oopoomoo blog, and it can be found here.  While Henrietta has grown quite comfortable on Vancouver Island, she has not given up her quest to find her long lost uncle.  Recently, she searched high and low at Gordon’s Beach and even tried to recruit a passer-by to help, but in the end she knew it was up to her alone to find him.

a rocky beach watched over by a chicken on a log and walking woman

Searching the Beach

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