Fun with Filters

Every once in a while I like to get a little creative after I’ve ‘finished’ processing my images and today was one of those days. I had taken a short walk with my camera in downtown Victoria and made some interesting photographs, like this one of a short section of the sidewalk.

Purple rock squares inlaid in the sidewalk
Stepping Stones

Many of the photos were nice but with the use of Prisma filters, they became a little more interesting. This first building got a little more of a painterly feel.

A building with two oval murals
Painted Murals

When it comes to chocolate, what’s not to love? I decided it could benefit from some more texture and less colour.

Brick circle around Roger's Chocolate sign
Chocolate Round

I noted that even a simple fire hydrant could benefit from a filter.

Red and white fire plug
The Whistling Hydrant

Before I left the city, I saw a rather dilapidated looking building with a run down apartment. After applying a more vivid, artistic filter, it had a whole different feel to it.

Four windows on an old building
A Jewel From Ruin

That was it for my short visit downtown, but I had two more images I wanted to share. Recently, I submitted photos for a local arts show, and two were selected for inclusion.  I have had them printed and framed and am looking forward to the Sooke Appetite for Art show next month. I made a couple quick photos of the framed prints and have included filtered versions here. In a future post, I hope to have images of them on display with more information on the event. img_0879img_0878

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