Appetite for Art Show

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in my first art show, where I had some prints on display. The Appetite for Arts show in Sooke, BC is held annually, and art pieces are paired with food dishes, which have been inspired by the art.

Art on display in the hotel ballroom
a variety of art works by various local artists

The process started long before the show. First I had to sort through my images and decide on the ones I wanted to submit and then wait to learn if any were accepted into the show. Once two were accepted, I needed to have them printed and framed. This was the first time I had any photos printed this large and I was very pleased with how they turned out. I was able to find some suitable frames and frame them myself.  Then came the show.

Ducks and seagulls
Quackers and Water
Sooke Boardwalk reflections
Under the Boardwalk

The dishes they were paired with were rather interesting. One was duck pâté on crackers, which were suspended on plastic wrap above the serving tray, as if on water, while the other looked very much like pieces of wood, matching the Boardwalk.

Duck pate on a tray
Quackers on Crackers
Wood looking dish
Bits of Boardwalk

It was a fun experience and I am looking forward to printing more often as well as entering future shows. Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Artist name tag
It’s official

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