No More Snow

After more snow than we are used to around here (that would be pretty much anything more than a trace that disappears the same day), we are back to ☀️ sun and rain ☔️ showers.  I had the chance for a quick walk around town and saw the birds hanging out together.

A flock of pigeons on power lines
Birds on a Wire

Looking a little farther down the line, I noticed one bird stood apart from the crowd.

White bird alone on a wire while others on other wires
The Line of Separation

As I walked past the Sooke Child, Youth, & Family Centre, I noticed that the canoe won’t be going anywhere.

Long boat with a tree growing out of it

Before I finished my walk, I noticed that the cold weather we had must have had the fire department worried, because one of the hydrants was still dressed for the snow.

Hat on a fire hydrant
Hydrant with a Toque in Sooke


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