Whiffen Spit Phogtography

My plans for some early morning landscape photography were derailed by heavy fog near the ocean, so I adjusted them and went to a location where I figured I could use the fog to my advantage and make some interesting photographs; Whiffen Spit.

birds on log on a foggy day at the shore
Two crows perch on driftwood at Whiffen Spit

The tide was out so it made for opportunities for photos looking back up towards the path from down on the rocky beach.

barnacle encrusted rocks and seaweed along the beach
Barnacle encrusted rocks and seaweed along the rocky shore
kelp, rocks and wood line the shore at the Spit
The Seaweed was left high and dry by the receding tide

While I was not the only one out for a morning walk at Whiffen Spit, there did seem to be fewer people about than on many mornings.  The fog made the path seem a little more isolated than usual.

foggy shores and walkway with an isolated tree
A quiet morning for walking along the path

Sometimes the driftwood along the walk takes on interesting looks, and this can be enhanced by the foggy surroundings.

driftwood along a grassy beach on a foggy day
This log makes me think of an outstretched leg with deformed toes

It was a good morning with no wind and quite calm waters.  This made for some nice reflections.

fog enshrouds a pier and rocks
Simple lines of a pier reflecting in calm water

It seemed to be a good morning for the birds, too.  They were all around the path and waterfront, although the fog often made it difficult to get a great view of them.  Just when I thought I would get a fantastic closeup of a heron reflecting in the water, I must have spooked it, as it flew to higher ground and perched upon the railing of the pier walkway.

bird sits high up on railing with reflection
Elevated Heron

I’m glad I was able to change plans and have an enjoyable morning walk with my camera.  I hope you enjoyed the images!

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