Phogtography in the Forest

I planned on taking another hike down to Mystic Beach this weekend and the day started off in the beautiful sunshine. Half an hour later, I had driven through three separate areas of fog, including at my destination, which made me quite happy. I love the atmosphere fog gives to photographs!

black and white photo of rays of light illuminating fog in the rainforest
Sunbeams slice through the fog

It was the perfect day for a walk through the woods and there were quite a few people taking advantage of it.

two young kids wander along the forest path
Spotlight on the children

The fog has a way of blanketing everything. At times it was so thick you could feel it… almost even taste it, in the air. On a typical day you hardly notice the many spiderwebs in the trees lining the pathways, but the fog deposits fine water droplets on the webs and the sun highlights them in such a way that they can’t be missed on a day such as this one.

a dew covered spiderweb on a tree
A spider’s work of art

There was so much to see in the woods that I never made it all the way to the beach today, but that’s okay, because it just means that I will have to return again.foggy trees-1

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